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...my darling, i have never felt a wound run so deep...

Nick Connolly
9 July 1985
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eh, go to my myspace...i dont feel like retyping everything
a fire inside, adorable, alison lohman, amercian beauty, amusement parks on fire, anberlin, asobi seksu, at the drive-in, audrey tautou, avery, bad religion, bayside, belle academe, belle and sebastian, bethany curve, big fish, bjork, bootleg trading, boston, boy meets world, brand new, built to spill, caroline's spine, cat stevens, catherine wheel, chapterhouse, chess, clerks, coheed and cambria, daria, degrassi, donnie darko, dustin kensrue, eisley, elliott smith, empire records, eric fensler's gijoe cartoons, everclear, explosions in the sky, family guy, far, fight club, fleeting joys, foo fighters, galactic cowboys, george carlin, george harrison, girls, glassjaw, grade, gratitude, happenstance, head automatica, hello kitty, high fidelity, hoover, iced coffee, idlewild, in reverie, janet labelle, jimmy eat world, jonah matranga, julia, k's choice, kay hanley, kent, kevin spacey, let go, lisa loeb, live, mae, making mixes, marvelous 3, matchstick men, minus the bear, mitch hedberg, mogwai, morrissey, music, my bloody valentine, navio forge, new end original, nina gordon, nirvana, oasis, old school nintendo, one true thing, onelinedrawing, open minded people, ozma, pink floyd, pohgoh, pool, queen, radiohead, rainer maria, revolver, ride, rush, saetia, scarling, shabutie, sigur ros, singing, sleep, slowdive, smashing pumpkins, starflyer 59, super deluxe, swervedriver, that 70s show, the album leaf, the anniversary, the beatles, the brother kite, the cure, the darkness, the daysleepers, the high violets, the julie dolphin, the mars volta, the minibosses, the pixies, the postal service, the prize fighter inferno, the rocking horse winner, the smiths, the verve, thestart, thrice, thursday, tsunami bomb, weezer, zwan